About Me

Knowledge of both hardware and software makes it easy for me to look at projects from a huge perspective. Especially when it comes to figuring out where the problem is during design and implementation, I’m in the game.

I have been making various applications for more than 6 years in the hardware or software parts of different processors, from the 8-bit PIC or AVR family to the 64-bit Cortex-A* series

I’ve done successful projects on the low power part. Such as the reducing power consumption of the ADAS camera module from 11W to 3W.

Lately, I have focused more on Embedded Linux, I continue to write new drivers for platforms such as Yocto, Buildroot, ZephyrOS. Also, due to the chip crisis, I turn to analog control methods in my PCB designs. Staying calm and acting results-oriented during this crisis leads me to success.