Knowledge of both hardware and software makes it easy for me to look at projects from a huge perspective. Especially when it comes to figuring out where the problem is during design and implementation, I’m in the game.

Hardware & Software Engineer

I have been making various applications for more than 6 years in the hardware or software parts of different processors, from the 8-bit PIC or AVR family to the 64-bit Cortex-A* series

I’ve done successful projects on the low power part. Such as the reducing power consumption of the ADAS camera module from 11W to 3W.

Lately, I have focused more on Embedded Linux, I continue to write new drivers for platforms such as Yocto, Buildroot, ZephyrOS. Also, due to the chip crisis, I turn to analog control methods in my PCB designs. Staying calm and acting results-oriented during this crisis leads me to success.


In this section, you'll find details about my expertise and skills. I have experience in embedded systems, hardware design, low power optimization, and embedded Linux development. I'm also adept at problem-solving, project management, and effective communication. I prioritize continuous learning and innovation, ensuring quality and efficiency in all tasks.

Embedded Systems Development
Hardware Design and Optimization
Low Power Optimization
Embedded Linux Development
Problem-Solving in Design
Adaptability to Industry Challenges
Programming Proficiency
Project Management
Collaborative Communication
Continuous Learning and Innovation
Quality Assurance and Testing
Documentation and Technical Writing


I successfully complete projects by providing customer-focused solutions. I specialize in both hardware and software, prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. I ensure a competitive edge by staying updated on industry trends. I am committed to problem-solving and take pride in contributing to my clients' success.

Embedded Systems Development

Design and development of embedded systems specialized in both hardware and software domains. Consultation on performance optimization and low-power consumption strategies.

Hardware Design and Optimization

PCB layout, component selection, and hardware optimization services. Support for industry-standard hardware design and manufacturing processes.

Power Consumption Optimization

Consultation and solution offerings for reducing power consumption in electronic devices. Energy efficiency analysis and strategic planning for low-power requirements.

Embedded Linux Development and Customization

Customization, driver development, and integration services for embedded Linux-based systems. Expert support on platforms like Yocto, Buildroot, and ZephyrOS.

Problem-Solving and Consultation

Consultation for problem-solving in design and implementation phases. Expert support for identifying and resolving hardware and software issues.

Adaptation to Industry Challenges and Crisis Management

Consultation on strategies for adapting to changing industry conditions and crisis management. Strategic planning and result-oriented solutions during challenging periods such as the chip crisis.